Friday, January 29, 2010

Junk Queen

  I have been junking for about three years now and absolutely love it!  I have booths in two antique malls. Both of them are located in Monroe, Georgia.

I love the exposed brick at the Depot.

This lovely green potting bench sold in just under a week...just another piece that I would have loved to keep for myself. 

The sweet blue bird window was painted by my friend Whimsy who also has a booth at the Depot.  When I bought it I thought it looked like her work and was delighted to find that it was.

Look! Empty space?  I bet there's something in the garage that would fit perfectly in that spot.

These darling hankerchief pillows were made by my friend Nan.  She is so talented! 
Maybe if I continue to surround myself with these truly talented ladies some of their talents will rub off on me. 

This is the north building at Warehouse Antique Mall.  My booth is located in the south building just around the corner.

There are all sorts of goodies to be found both inside and out at both buildings.

Sometimes I can't believe how many treasures I actually have.

Well my work here is done for now...think i'll go shopping!

Hogs & Kisses,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Swine Master Celebrates Birth

Hurry...blow out the candles before the house catches on fire!!!

Bob celebrates with his brother Bill

I think his favorite gift was the dark chocolate from Dingo & Fluffy

Never trust a pig with your portion of the birthday dinner..


Number ONE lesson on turning 70.  It takes two people to light the candles and you probably should get a sheet cake ...will definetly have a FIRE EXTINGUISHER handy next really did get a little scary with all of those candles.

Hogs & Kisses,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Piggy Plays With Paint

I started my wednesday morning off at Dunkin Doughnuts with my buddy Whimsy and our friend Lynn for coffee.  Next it was off to art class at Diana's house.  I have always wanted to paint and can't believe that i'm actually doing it.  I really enjoy the class.  There are seven of us and we chat and listen to music while we paint.  Diana is one of my clients at the nail salon and also happens to be fantastic artist who agreed to give us lessons.

I completed my fourth painting today!

My first showing...

After Class it was off to lunch with Ella and Whimsy. They got to go play in their booths at the Cotton Depot afterwards and I got to go play with a different type of paint at the nail salon. I work at a cute little shop in Snellville called "At Your Fingertips."

Geneva wanted me to make sure to let you know that these were 70 year old hands.

Have you ever noticed that it's kinda hard to watch TV and blog at the same time?
I must sign of before I miss all of one of my favorite shows- Criminal Minds.

Hogs & Kisses,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Piggy's Tale

My birth name is actually Lonnie Jean Boyd.  I acquired the nickname Piggy because it was my dealer code for my booth at an antique shop. I was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida.  I did 4-H, sang in the chorus, played drums in the band  and was involved in student government in high school.  I attended Florida State and played cymbals in the Marching Chiefs.

From there it was off to the Army.

I was a soldier for 7 1/2 years.

I have been hog tied to my swine master (aka my husband Bob) for seventeen years!

Almost like being in hog heaven! We lived in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He had already retired from the Air Force after 24 years and was on to a second career. I spent my days in my pen (Boyd Salons) sanding and painting hooves (providing nail services).
In 2005 we retired to Snellville, Ga (ok, was the swine master who retired...a pig has to work to support her habits you know!)
My habits include Shopping, Eating,Karate, Antiquing, Painting, Reading, Dieting,Friends, Traveling...
And Pen Cleaning (Housework!) which I had better get to...see you again soon!
Hogs & Kisses ,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My First Post

I've discovered a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon... my special pals Dari & Whimsy joined me at Border's to work on blogs, sip coffee, chat and giggle!