Monday, June 23, 2014

Long Time, No See

It's been a long time since my last post and I promise to do better.  Since last we spoke we have a new addition to our family- meet Bailey!

I rescued this little monster last August and he has captured my heart! I now understand what moms mean when they say their son is ALL boy. This one certainly is! He is also a lover- he will cuddle up and sleep with me and not move an inch all night. And the best part... He and Dingo get along just fine.

     Since we last talked I also opened a new booth at Ian Henderson's Antique Mall.

I'm moving away from my white Shabby Chic look and am really loving the greens.
These are two projects that I did for the booth last week.

I made the stencil with my Cricut, attached the glitter with spray glue, then 
Used several coats of modge podge.

I decopauged this small suitcase with scrapbook paper, paper flowers, ribbon and glitter. 

These are my new tags for the booth which I stamped and edged in pink. I 
use a pig as my logo since my dealer code is Piggy.

I guess I've said enough for now so I'll
sign off and see you again soon.

Hogs & kisses,

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